Eibe Maleen Krebs Photography and Film

DRAUSSEN IN MEINEM KOPF / The World Beyond My Mind (99 Min)

Logline: Due to the deep friendship, the young social worker Christoph crosses a moral boundary to fulfill Sven's desperate innermost wish.

with Samuel Koch, Nils Hohenövel, Lars Rudolph and Eva Nürnberg

Writer/Director: Eibe Maleen Krebs
Produktion: Junafilm
Distribution: Salzgeber


KLAPPE AUF! Festival 2017 TRAILER by Eibe Maleen Krebs.

Vom Hören Sagen / Hearsay Trailer by Eibe Maleen Krebs.

Vom Hören Sagen / Hearsay Trailer 2 by Eibe Maleen Krebs.

Vom Hörensagen / Hearsay
Pictures out of nowhere

How to explore a world that is not reachable, not even imaginable? The imagination of people who have been blind since their day of birth is a theoretical and cinematic challenge: Film-maker Eibe Maleen Krebs was curious to understand how blind people handle the visual world. She made their imagination visible, created their self-composed wishes in a visual world and put them in a cinematic context. Krebs tried to establish a basis between the blind and the seeing world - a plan that requires the willingness of both sides to break out of the boundaries of their familiar imagination.

Duration: 65 minutes

"Alter Ego" Award / 3rd place
Video der Generationen, federal competition 2006
Copyright © Eibe Maleen Krebs

Deutsche in Australien, Diplom 2008
Copyright © Eibe Maleen Krebs